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Legal Notices

Guidelines to Parents & Organisers of Events Involving Children Under 18 Years of Age

  • Be fully prepared for emergencies.

  • Admit by invitation or ticket only; ensure gate crashers cannot gain entry.

  • Ensure there is adequate adult supervision with minimum of 2 persons at all times.

  • Bring a mobile phone to summons support if you need it.

  • Set clear rules and enforce them i.e. no children in kitchen, none allowed outside of building etc.

  • You do not provide alcohol (watch smuggling attempts).

  • You regularly check toilets and cloakrooms.

  • You enforce no smoking.

  • You decide in advance how to deal with a child who is not collected at the end of evening.

These guidelines should be helpful in ensuring you have a successful event for all.

Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy Statement
The Flyfords Hall Management Committee (referred to as “FHMC”) provides premises at the Flyfords Hall that can be used to provide activities for children and vulnerable adults.
It is the intention of the FHMC to ensure that children and vulnerable adults who come into the premises are provided with a safe and secure environment and are protected from harm.
The FHMC requires that the same responsibilities and conditions of hire which the FHMC have for the use of the hall in general, also apply to the use for activities for children and vulnerable adults i.e. health and safety and fire regulations etc. In addition the FHMC have set out conditions in Appendix A of this policy, which the Hirer for activities including children and/or vulnerable adults must comply with as a condition of hire of the premises.
"The FHMC will not hire the hall to organisations for use by children or vulnerable persons unless the organisation can demonstrate to the FHMC that they meet all current Children and Vulnerable Adults Legislation which includes proof that the necessary Criminal Record Bureau checks have been carried out”.


A. CHILDREN – Definition = All Children Under 18 years Old.

1. The Hirer
The Hirer must comply and produce evidence to the FHMC of any legal requirements that may relate to their hiring e.g. playgroup and Ofsted Registration.
2. Employment of Children.
The FHMC complies with legislation relating to employment of children. Special risk assessments will also be required.
3. Stage Performances.
Hirers would need to comply where appropriate with The Children (Performance) Regulations 1968 which sets out the requirements for children performing in a show over periods of time.
4. Young People – Parties and Clubs
Please read the hall Guidance Notes "Guidelines to parents and organisers of events involving children under 18 years of age", relating to arrangements for private e.g. children’s parties, which the Hirer is advised to follow: N.B. Hire agreement can only be signed by persons over 18 yrs of age.
5. Children Left Behind
In the event that a child is not collected from an activity or event, the responsibility for dealing with this situation rests with the Hirer who if necessary, must seek advice or involvement of the Police or other authorities.
B. VULNERABLE ADULTS – Definition = Any person aged 18 yrs and over who is or maybe in need of Community Care by reason of mental, physical disability or by age or illness and who is or may be unable to take care of him/herself or unable to protect him/herself against significant harm or serious exploitation.
1. The FHMC extends the same duty of care in relation of care in relation to vulnerable adults (elderly, mentally and/or physically disabled). The Hirer must satisfy themselves that the Premises and its facilities are suitable for their users.
This policy will be reviewed annually at the annual general meeting of the Flyfords Hall Management Committee.

Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy Statement
The Flyfords Hall is community owned, administered by trustees and run by an elected committee of unpaid volunteers, which exists for any member of the villages and the surrounding area to make use of via clubs, social groups, events and gatherings run by both the hall committee and by independent groups. It is also available for hire to groups and individuals.

This policy applies to everyone associated with the Flyfords Hall.
The Flyfords Hall and its volunteers and supporters are committed to valuing and promoting diversity in the provision of the facility and all the events organised in the Hall to benefit members of the community.
The Management committee will work towards an environment that is based on inclusiveness, where all users can benefit from the facility and the organised events to their full potential, irrespective of their race, gender, marital status, age, disability, religious belief, political opinion, or sexual orientation.

Managing diversity is an effective way of dealing with equal opportunities issues. It emphasises the benefits to the community that accrue from valuing the differences between people, in addition to complying with the law.
As a charity (The Flyfords Hall) we grasp the additional benefits generated by encouraging diversity. We are far more likely to enjoy new users from within the village and the wider community and encourage representatives to attend committee meetings and share in the running and management of the hall and to subsequently benefit by continuing to maintain the facility and provide events and initiatives locally.


Why is Diversity important?

  • It is essential that we attract people to benefit from our facility and its associated events for the positive rewards for the community and the future of the Village Hall.

  • The UK is an increasingly diverse society. In order to maximise the opportunities we can offer we should reflect and value that diversity in our planning and organisation, promotional activity and events delivery.

  • There are a number of laws that set out how people should act. Relevant and important ones are: 

    • Sex Discrimination Act 1975

    • Race Relations Act 1976 - as amended by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000

    • Disability Discrimination Act 1995

    • Equality Act 2000

Committee Members and Village Hall Representatives - their Responsibility

  • To value diversity in society as a means of broadening our user group and management committee, achieving the maximum we are able to for the Hall and the local community.

  • To not tolerate unacceptable behaviour, and to foster an environment in which all users and committee members are confident to raise concerns and have them dealt with quickly, sensitively and effectively.

  • To identify the various forms of behaviour and barriers that discrimination can take, and understand the negative effect these can have on the reputation of the Hall and the community.

  • To monitor the application of this Policy, preventing any discriminatory practices which may be limiting the Hall's ability to achieve its' aims, thereby enhancing our reputation as a fair and responsible provider and organiser in the eyes of its users and suppliers.

  • Individual Committee members, have a responsibility to support the aims of the Policy, and to ensure that the principles of Diversity are applied in their behaviour and dealings with others. Deliberate breaches of this policy will be addressed by the committee at the next scheduled committee meeting.

  • To comply with the letter and spirit of this policy.

Hall Users (including events organised by The Flyfords Hall) - their responsibility

  • To be aware of the various behaviours and barriers that discrimination can take, and understand the negative impact these can have on the Hall's reputation and its user's.

  • To be sensitive to the potential impact of their own behaviour on other users.

  • To seek clarification from a member of the Management Committee if they are unsure.

  • To co-operate with members of the management committee in the prevention of any discriminatory practices that may be identified.

  • To comply with the letter and spirit of this policy


The benefits and requirements of adopting the spirit of this policy should be seen in the following areas:

  • Facilities provided by the Hall

  • Planning of events

  • Promotion of events

  • Delivery of events

Every effort should be made to attract users from all sections of society.

If any user or committee member believes that they have been unfairly discriminated against they should make a complaint to the Chairperson of the Management Committee who will take the allegation very seriously and conduct a thorough investigation. A complaint relating to the Chairperson should be made to a Trustee (contact information can be obtained from the Management Committee Secretary).
This policy will be reviewed annually at the annual general meeting of the The Flyfords Hall Management Committee.


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